We offer prompt delivery of imported (нужно ли слово imported) electronic components. We work with all your needs: extensive nomenclature, different quantities and different production regions



Founded in 1990, Aker is a global high-tech company that designs and manufactures wide ranges of frequency control solutions. With technical oriented headquarters based in Taiwan, we provide instant service through our worldwide branches and distribution networks to meet customer satisfaction. Caring about customers' demands, Aker understands the market requirements, enabling it to provide customers overall technical supports – Total Solution.

With over a decade of experience, Coretek’s portfolio is critical to applications such as broadband communications, telecommunications and data communications. Coretek is a leading provider of optical components and subsystems to customers worldwide.




The company supplies a broad range of optical communication components including O/E transceivers, Sub Modules and Ethernet Products globally to manufacturers of communications for internet service providers and telecommunications operating companies.